Even Though my Oven's Working...

I'm SO excited to have this baby...
God's really blessed me with the gift of being able to bear children, and I don't take that lightly.
Thinking about how easy it was to conceive Lily and LG really do cause gratitude to pour out of my heart.

But when I see things like this, I can't shake the deep deep desire to add to our family through adoption.

A few weeks ago while I was getting a pedicure for my sister's wedding, I told the nail tech that I desired to adopt. Her and I were both pregnant (and yes hanging in a nail salon probably wasn't the best place for our babes, but we'll let that slide!), and she commented "but why adopt when your oven's working?"

Her question took me aback. Implying that those who want to adopt are more worthy of it if they can't conceive children. Or that there was no reason to adopt if you could bear children. Funny, I thought adopting was about the child, not about the parents, primarily.
I responded with a smile reminding her "well, there are a lot of children who need a good home out there, thousands more than are parents lining up to adopt them" to which she fully agreed.

I continue to be excited about LG's arrival and to see what he'll look like - will he be a mini-Brad or have more of my features as Lily does? But I also can't shake the feeling that God will one day be adding to our family in a completely different way. Even though my oven works.


  1. This video gave me shivers. What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing...and I imagine if God has put this so heavily on your heart that this might be your reality one day too =)

  2. I am thinking so too :)
    Not sure that we'd adopt internationally or from Canada - we're leaning towards Canada - but it won't be for a few years so who knows where God will lead by then!

  3. Great insight...I love this blog and how honest she is about adoption. I've been following it for a while. I too am leaning towards adoption (although I don't know if my oven works since we havent had to use it yet lol). I think lots of people dont quite understand adoption, or they only focus on the trials. :) Thanks for the post em