praying for an October baby

Ironically, I've always wanted the big events in my life to fall in October.
Not thinking at all about my kid's lives, because you can't plan such things, but most other things.
It's my birthday, it's Fall (my favourite season), it's often when we celebrate Thanksgiving, and Brad and I were married on October 18th.

Mostly out of my own extreme discomfort, I find myself praying for an October baby. Simply because that would have LG nearly a week (or more) early, and my body is ready to have him OUT. I didn't think I cared about having an October baby (the month has enough goodness anyhow!), but I thought about it today - what a pleasant perk that would be! Icing on the cake of my favourite month... to have a son born during those blessed weeks.

So not because I like October but because I don't like pain, I want this baby to come out in October, instead of his due date, 6 days into November... But an October baby would be sweet!
Though any baby will be sweet, even if he's a Mr. November :)
(don't mind the language... it's otherwise a great song and a great band!)

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