the term "full term"

in 1.5 weeks I'll be "full term"

"full term" is a good thing. for mama and for baby. but God's timing is GOOD too. and his may disagree with the term "full term"...

today I had my one-month-to-go appointment. Literally 1 month to the day before LG is due. I could barely get on the table I was in so much pain and he was so low I felt as if I could feel his head between my legs LITERALLY. Never had that with the Lilster, but this is a whole nother beast. because of the constant discomfort and close proximity between childbirths, my doctor has been *slightly* concerned all along, so she's done more vaginal exams than last time, just to keep an eye on things. and today, she kept her eye on a cervix that's been dilating... 2cm dilated to be exact. 

with Lily I was 2cm dilated for two weeks before she was born, nearly 2 weeks early. with LG, we'll see. but as second babies often come earlier than first babies, and are shorter labours (and L was only 7 hours from water breaking to heart breaking first sight of her), it's not ideal to be 2cm dilated a month before the due date... 

my doc was pretty concerned that I could go into labour this or next week. she (and I) would love to see me carry LG to "full term", but she has asked me to REALLY cut back on activity to strengthen the odds of not going into labour...like...now. meaning, as little lifting Lily as possible and no sex. the rest I've already been doing (staying off my feet, not traveling, etc). so in 1.5 weeks when I'm "full term" I'd love to still be carrying LG on the inside, but again, we'll see.

other than the whole "full term" concerns, we do feel ready to meet this guy! his bassinet is in our room, waiting. his craigslist svan bouncer is in our living room, waiting. my hospital bag is packed, waiting. his hospital bag is packed, waiting. his sister is clueless, but his parents are eager. waiting. ideally (in non medical reasoning), we'd have another week also, because we're not 100% moved into our new place, but emotionally, we're excited, not nervous in the least, and very anticipatory of his arrival. 

Hope to see you soon baby boy, "full term" or not, in God's perfect timing :)

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