in 20 days of less

In 20 days of less, I'll be a mama again.
In 20 days or less, I'll have a boy in my house, and I don't mean Bradford!!
In 20 days or less, Lily will have a brother.
In 20 days or less, we'll be a family of 4.
In 20 days or less, I'll no longer be pregnant.
In 20 days or less...

Unless as a sick joke of some kind, LG decides to come AFTER his due date... but after this much grief I surely don't hope or expect that (did you hear that LG? did you?!).

I'm struggling big time for perspective.
Haven't been sleeping well.
Lily has been waking around 4am each night this week in tears - not hungry, not wanting to be held (maybe just teething pain, not sure) and I have a hard time falling back to sleep once I'm up.
I've been grouchy (just ask my poor husband).
I'm getting frustrated and growing stir-crazy stuck in my house.

20 days or less though, seems like such a brief time. Less than 3 weeks. I can count that on my fingers and toes. I can picture 20 days. It's not even a month. I really need to say that back to myself again and again.

20 days or less.

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  1. Brooke Anderson18.10.11

    aw. Hang in there Em! Can't wait to see pictures of LG once he arrives!