Poll closes tonight @ 12!

Back when I made the poll on my sidebar for when y'all thought LG would be born, I couldn't imagine him going more than a week early.

Then it was made and I had all of these problems.

But it was too late to change the poll since peeps had already started voting.

And it was just as well, because I'm still pregnant, and tomorrow is October 29th - the first day I'd put up as an option to vote on. So, the poll closes as of tonight at midnight, when the clock strikes October 29th aka midnight. Though who is reading baby bump blogs at that hour anyway? So I'll just say today is the last day :)

My vote is still Oct 31st as I'd LOVE an October baby and a Halloween baby (how fun would that be!?) but you can also change your vote up until midnight tonight. Also neat tidbit to keep your fingers crossed for - my OB whom I love is working all day/night Saturday, so if I went into a longer labour tonight or just plain 'ol labour tomorrow at any time, she would deliver LG! It's so rare to actually have the doctor who has been caring for you all these weeks and months when the time comes to deliver since, well, doctor's don't live in the hospital (though Grey's anatomy makes me think that...) and baby's don't come on schedule most of the time.  

So this weekend or Monday, I'd really love to give birth, but whenever he wants to come is okay. *really hard to say, but I promise you, I believe that today*

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