keeping siblings together

One thing that's quite possible when adopting locally is the surfacing of biological siblings.
In an attempt to keep siblings together, the adoptive parents are contacted when a sibling of their adopted child is discovered. Sometimes they've just been born, and other times they weren't previously known about and now are. Either way, the adoptive family whose child is related to this discovered child is given first priority to adopt the sibling (or half sibling).

It really makes me wonder, would we take on a sibling or half sibling of our adopted child, should the situation ever occur? I don't know how I could say no, though I never saw myself having more than 4 kids and don't know if I have the capacity to do so...

This makes me reevaluate whether or not to hope for siblings in the first place. If we adopt one child instead of a sibling set, the possibility is still there that one day we would adopt a sibling of theirs.

Would you take on a sibling of your adopted child?
What factors would you consider first?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Hey Emily - my family planned to adopt one boy when I was 7 years old. I was the youngest of four girls, so this would have meant a total of five kids. Right before the adoption was to be finalized, the social worker told my parents "By the way, there's a baby brother". My mum tells me they didn't have much hesitation in saying yes to both beautiful boys. Biological brothers who really only had each other as links to the world - my mum says "how could we not have adopted them both?" For up-for-adoption kids who have lived in and out of foster homes, and don't have other people in their lives to link them to their heritage, I think keeping siblings together should always be strived for. Our house was so much more fun with two brand new brothers :)

    1. thanks for sharing that Sarah!
      i love the idea too, i just have to consider our limitations financially and in a 1,000 sq foot house. though i don't know how we'd say "no"...