3 in a bedroom?

Whether we adopt or birth a third baby, either way, it'll be in THIS house. 
This 2 bedroom, city house. Which means bunk beds are absolutely necessary. 
Good thing I love me some bunk beds :) I have great memories of sharing a bunk bed with my sister growing up. We were in bunks until we moved to a 3 bedroom home when we were 8 and 10 respectively.

Here are two simple bunks that I have my eye on. The IKEA one turns into two twin beds which is a huge perk, but has no storage and is made of less quality wood (and is actually $100 more!). The Brick one is white which I love and a bit higher quality, but doesn't turn into twin beds which would limit it's lifespan. Both are simple and I love how the ladder doesn't jut out but is attached to the structure.

{The Brick, $199}
{IKEA, $299}

But is it just me or are kids rooms getting a little out of hand? While researching bunk beds it was actually difficult to find the two I've posted above. Because all the bunk beds these days are so outrageous. 
They're enormous structures, complete with staircases, and cost nearly $1,000!!
What has happened to the classic bunk bed?!



  1. Hey Emmy, we love the bunk beds too! Welcome to city living! Haha! Will adopting a third in this house be ok even w both genders in the same room?

    1. Jame, we're not sure. I've read conflicting things and can't get someone on the phone to settle it. I've heard that adopted kids CAN share a room with bio siblings but not if they're different genders, I've heard that gender doesn't matter if all the kids are under age 5, and I've heard that it's a square footage issue, and our kid's room is probably too small to accommodate a 3rd based on their rules.

      so it may mean having a 3rd baby.... something I never thought I'd say!