talk with no doc.

Talk of us having a third baby is swirling around our home.
Can we adopt in this current house? Likely no.
Do we want to wait until we move in five years
to add to our family? Absolutely no.
And there is a long list of idols in my heart that God needs to work on (and he is!) before I could even imagine having a third...

But lets just hypothetically say I did end up having a third....
It dawned on me today:

Weird eh? As if she gets to have babies too.
That's like teachers taking night school courses or something.
Totally bizarre.

Now I recall that she was visibly pregnant when she delivered Oli. And she was having twins (go, Doctor Hall!), so there's no way she wouldn't take the full year. But that means she likely won't be there if I needed her.

And my friend who is currently pregnant and had my same doctor last year had to find a new doctor. Not the biggest deal for my friend since she has now had different doctors for each of her three pregnancies, and Dr. Hall didn't deliver her baby either.

But I had Dr. Hall for both pregnancies and she delivered Oli.
We tight.

If we did have another, and that's a big if, it would be so hard for me to find a new doc.
I love my doctor. Especially after Oli's birth. I felt like she became part of our family or something.
That's a major point in the con section of my "should we have a 3rd baby" t-chart.
Yes, I said t-chart. How else does one make major life decisions ;)

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