20 signs you might be pregnant (PUH-LEASE)

Are you familiar with the 20 most common signs you might be preggers? Allow me.
  1. swollen/tender breasts
  2. darkening areolas
  3. cramping
  4. spotting
  5. urinary frequency/constipation
  6. fatigue
  7. nausea
  8. smell sensitivity
  9. elevated temperature
  10. missing period
  11. unusual hunger/cravings
  12. increase in secretions
  13. headaches
  14. mood swings
  15. feeling faint/dizy
  16. metallic taste in your mouth
  17. vivid dreams
  18. muscle aches
  19. sweating 
  20. increase of oil in hair and skin
Can we talk about the fact that I have at least eight of these symptoms ALL THE TIME?  I mean, how dare "fatigue" be on any list, really? Isn't that the most general symptom for basically everything? Slash the general reality for most people, let alone all moms? Gosh.

Fun facts:
With Lily's pregnancy, before I even missed my period I had these symptoms:
  1. urinary frequency/constipation
  2. serious fatigue
  3. nausea
  4. smell sensitivity
  5. feeling faint
  6. metallic taste (this one really got me weirded out because it was SO clear. I commented that I felt as if I'd put a handful of change in my mouth.)
With Oli's pregnancy, I had NO SYMPTOMS until two weeks after my missed period. Except maybe fatigue, but I had a 5 month old, so I wasn't reading into that!

Later on in both pregnancies I had the dreaded morning sickness and extreme fatigue (made worse by the anti-nausea medicines). And with Oli's pregnancy alone I had flu-like symptoms around the 2-month mark (aches and pains, fever).

Each pregnancy was so different. Each pregnancy is so different, for everyone.  The symptoms list is kind of a crock because most women walking the earth today have at least a few of them, and I know some lucky ladies who had only a handful when pregnant.

And if you're wondering, I'm not feeling pregnant right now (and am not, to my knowledge). I have the regular handful of symptoms that I often have pre-period (or any time!) and I have fewer symptoms than I did in NYC when I truly thought I was pregnant. So I'm not assuming that this month is the month, even though obviously I hope it is. But it could be... if this pregnancy is like mine with Oli. Oh this game!


  1. Em, I seriously might have to stop reading this blog. It's giving me major pregnancy fever!

    1. haha, what! how many kids do you guys want?