Special needs adoption video- tears are a certainty!

Have you every considered special needs adoption?

Many people are deterred by the long waits that adoption assures, but did you know that when you are willing to adopt a child with special needs that the wait dissolves by at least half? Even local adoptions that are known to be faster than international, are much faster and easier if you are willing to adopt a child with special needs.

But would you? Would I?

Did you know that "Special Needs" can mean anything short of perfect? That a child with poor eye sight, cleft palete, ADD or ADHD, a missing digit, or skin problems is considered "Special Needs"? Internationally, there are orphanages full of children who have minor and extreme special needs, all loved by God, all deserving of protection and a home.

This hits home for me because Lily was born with a heart murmer. Such a small health issue, which after two years has all but disappeared. In many countries, heart murmer is on the "Special Needs" list. AND SHE IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY.

Of course there are considerations and not every family is able to take on every special needs child. The size of your family, home, income, will play a role in what you can take on, but would you even consider it? Would I even consider it?

This video had B and I weaping tonight. What a family!

New Film Premiere - I Like Adoption. from ILikeGiving.com on Vimeo.

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