What sex would I want baby #3 to be?

disclaimer: I AM NOT PREGNANT. Just to make sure you all know.

Now, When the day hopefully comes, I've thought a lot about my preferences as to whether I'd want a boy or girl. Yes, I know I can't control the outcome. But it's fun to dream up scenarios, and realistically, I think most people have slight preferences but are too afraid to voice them.

When I was pregnant with Lily, I hoped for a girl, and then as I was getting closer to the ultrasound date, I flipped and thought I wanted a boy. She turned out to be a girl. PURE JOY. Also slight weirdo feelings as I adjusted to not having a boy.

Next up, I was pregnant with Oli and could only imagine having another girl. We loved having one girl and assumed a second one was in our future. He turned out to be a boy. I had a hard time. Which is all silly now, because I love my son to pieces and am THRILLED to have a boy, but at the time, I had hoped for a second girl. I pictured us having the same family I grew up in (two girls, no brothers).

Now, I absolutely love our family dynamic. One child of each. Everything is balanced - two boys, two girls. We have clothes and toys for each gender, so whatever baby #3 is (and subsequent children we welcome to our family), we're good. But what do I hope for?

I don't know!!

I could argue both sides. Though I was sad to learn that I was having a boy two years ago, I absolutely love it now and a big part of me would LOVE to have two boys. But then, because my eldest is a girl, I'd love to add a girl to our family now so there is a greater change of the sisters being close. My sister and I were 2 years apart and very close, but any more than that and I've always wondered if we would have been. As adults, sure, I think age means a lot less. But when you're children, age is HUGE.

If it's a GIRL:
Lily and her will be over 3 years apart (depending on when I get pregnant, maybe more). That's a bit much in my mind.

If it's a BOY:
Oli and he would be over 2 years apart, which I used to think was my upper limit. Obviously I couldn't control that though ;)

If it's a GIRL: we have two names that we love. Both start with the same letter and both would have the middle name Rose.

If it's a BOY: we have two names that we love. Both are two syllables and sound great with Lily and Oli.

No matter when the sex is, when we adopt down the road, we would maybe adopt the sex we are "short" to make it an even 2 boys, 2 girls. So based on that, plus the fact that I love being a mama of a girl AND a boy, I seriously don't have a preference. And I love all of our names so much that I would really just love to have four more children - two boys and two girls. HA.

Do you have a preference?
No shame in saying it!


  1. Hi,

    Stumbled upon your blog when searching for bilingual names.... Also a Canadian & a christian! We're pregnant for our second, we already have a boy Isaac and are hoping for a girl now! :)

  2. Hey Em, I think it's funny that you think most people have a preference, because we honestly don't. 2 boys close together woudl be awesome but having a girl and a boy would be great too.

    Also, don't worry about how far apart your kids are. My sister and I are 6 years apart (there's 2 brothers in between) and we are super duper close and ALWAYS have been. I think closeness between sibs is ALL about the familiy and not the age difference. I have friends with sisters 18 months apart who can't stand each other. I think if you cultivate a family that loves and respects each other they'll all be close. I can honestly say I am close with ALL my brothers & sisters (all 4 of them - from 2 years apart to 8 years apart!)

    ok, that got long.
    sorry :)