some 'splainin to do...

So the word is out! I am PREGO. yes yes yes, thank you Lord!!! Now, to explain myself, because I know I kind of led y'all astray just a little bit. But I never lied, I promise :)

When I wrote this, saying, "I AM NOT PREGNANT", I didn't yet know I was. I took the test the next day and found out I was, though ;)

When I wrote this, saying "I'm not afraid to try again with the ovulation predictor kit", I was pregnant. And I led you to believe I wasn't, because I led you to believe we were trying for yet another month with this new awesome method. I chose my words carefully. If ever we try for a forth baby (doubt we will, but hey, who knows) the fear of "trying" and not conceiving wouldn't exist because the ovulation predictor pee sticks are that awesome. They seriously took all the stress and worry out of trying, and after using them to pin point ovulation, we both said "wow, that was great! if we're not prego, next month will be SO MUCH BETTER than months past!" Thankfully, though, we were :)

When I wrote this, saying "IF I WERE PREGNANT RIGHT NOW", I wasn't lying either, just maybe causing some doubt or leaving it obscure. I was pregnant right then, and am so thankful that my kids will be as close in age as they will be.

So there you have it! I tried to keep it under wraps for as long as I could, but then my extreme nausea began (just like the other pregnancies, right at 6 weeks) and my baby bump came out of nowhere, so people left and right were guessing or asking if I was pregnant. So the news came out early. Now you all know! Which is more fun anyway, because I can begin to write about the pregnancy and have more support as I journey through these next very hard weeks.

Some things I'll be writing about soon:
  • Reasons why we announced our pregnancy so early (there are other reasons besides the bump and obvious sickness)
  • Travel plans with baby #3 in utero (baby will be taking two trips before he/she is born!)
  • Picking a name for baby #3
  • Telling Lily (Oli is clueless, as she was at his age when he was born)
  • The lack of excitement from the general public when it's your third pregnancy (the 1st is such big news but we've noticed a steady decline in public response as we've had more)
  • Fabulous maternity clothes I'm drooling over (I got rid of all mine since we thought we were done so it's time to do some shopping!)
  • Where will baby sleep?
  • Will I attempt breastfeeding after two horrible experiences?
  • Will I get an epidural after experiencing one birth with and one without?
  • etc, etc, etc
Stay tuned! 


  1. I have been wondering where baby will sleep... Looking forward to that post. Excited for you guys!

  2. I'm thrilled for you, Em! And don't worry, you don't owe us much of an explanation. I think blogging requires a fine line of sharing everything and sharing not everything.

    Thanks for sharing about the ovulation strips--think they might work well as a natural BC method?

    1. no, it actually says on the box not to use for birth control! plus, it would be expensive and take up a lot of space (so many pee sticks if you bought them all the time).
      it's great to give you that pin point example of when you're ovulating that month, but factors can change ovulation each month so I think that's the reason they say not to.