maternity style, the third time around

My first two pregnancies were back to back and by the end I was SO sick of my maternity clothes. Coupled with the fact that we were sure we were done with biological babies, I was all to happy to get rid of my maternity clothes. Most of which was just hand-me-downs and clearance rack items anyway.

I'm sort of kicking myself for getting rid of the stuff, but also not. I'm excited to get new stuff, and I know I don't have to break the bank to do so. Like the two pregnancies before it, this pregnancy has me at my biggest IN THE SUMMER. So the hot temperatures are killer, but it's easiest for clothes. Long, flowy dresses and skirts work, and don't even have to be maternity.

But since I'm already showing at 6 weeks (yikes), I'm sure before the hot days of summer I'll need full-on maternity gear. Thankfully I was able to order some sale items recently from the US Old Navy and Gap stores and ship them to my grandma who spends her winters in Florida (Oli and I are visiting in March!). I got pale purple and bright blue skinny maternity jeans for $15 a piece and tons of tanks. Why doesn't Canada's Gap and Old Navy have maternity clothes!? so unfair.

And I loved loved loved these crazy floral skimmer jeans from The Gap but they were $70 which was so not happening. Until today, when they were 35% off! Now, they still cost more than I normally would spend on maternity (or any!) pants, but I think I'll get good use out of them since I'm showing so early. I'll wear them for the end of Winter, all of Spring, on cooler summer days, All of September when I'm ready to pop, and then probably in October and so on since there's no way my body is going to be back to normal immediately following the birth of baby #3. So almost a year of wear seems worth the $40.

Plus, it's SO hard to feel cute when you're pregnant (or is it just me?) and my maternity clothes have always been comfortable but not at all trendy (I spent a good chunk of my pregnancy with Lily in a Muslim country, so it was all about modesty). I think I deserve a pair of crazy/ trendy/ fun floral skinny skimmer jeans for this final pregnancy, don't you ;)

I love both of these maternity looks hard.


  1. Love both looks! You are gonna be one stylish preggo ;)

    1. they have the floral pants in non-prego too, Moog!

  2. Anonymous1.2.13

    Just a heads up - maybe not where you are, but Old Navy in Canada DOES have maternity, just not at all locations. I think their site's store locator lists which ones do and which don't. Selection isn't always great, but I made a great maternity winter coat purchase there for 50% off and have more than gotten my money's worth out of it! Enjoy shopping :)