dreaming of all BOYS.

my heart is a funny thing. or place. or whatever.

I have always been the girl who wanted girls. You've read all about it by now :) After Lily I felt a huge relief knowing at least I had one girl. If the rest were ALL boys, that would be OK. But then when I found out Oli was a boy, it was hard for the first few moments because I did want that ALL girls family that I grew up in and loved.

But God had different plans, and I'm so glad. I adore being a mom of a little boy. Adore it hard. And recently I've been thinking about how wonderful it would be if baby #3 PLUS any future kiddos we might adopt some day were ALL BOYS. I love the idea of wrestling around with them. I love the idea of teaching them to be men who respect women. I love the idea that the boys I raise will one day lead families. There's something special about boys.

Don't get me wrong, I love being the mom of a daughter. I'm not writing this to say I'd prefer boys or that one is better than the other. I'm just writing this because for so so so long, my heart has been so stuck on mothering GIRLS. And now it's changing and I love that it is. I just love being a mama, which isn't easy to say after a day like we had over here, but it's still true.

We'll find out April 30th, either way :)

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  1. April 30th can not come soon enough! Love to see how your heart has changed to be perfectly content with whatever the Lord is giving you!