prego stats - week 8

How far along: 8 weeks

Total weight gain: 0lbs? I have a tiny bump but am not eating much and won't know for sure until my doctor's appointment in 3 weeks.

How big is baby: kidney bean!

Maternity Clothes: Right now I'm living in lulu lemons but my regular jeans do still fit - just a little snug.

Sleep: I've started a glorious habit of having a bath right after the kids go down at 6pm and then around 7pm turning in myself. FOR THE NIGHT. I know, It's a crazy amount of sleep, but I need it. My evenings are basically shot because of this so it's not the greatest, but 12 straight hours is so wonderful.

Best moment this week: probably today - my parents are coming for the weekend! Or when Brad ordered me gummi-prenatal vitamins. I can't wait to start taking them since my regular ones are so big I have a hard time not vomiting when I take them :S

Movement: too early.

Food cravings: I made bacon-chocolate this week which was amazing. And am craving sour candy sometimes. But still mostly eating bland foods and carbs. Groan.

Food aversions: Most things. Especially meat. I haven't had chicken in a long time. I'm making sure I eat protein by adding more eggs and nuts to my diet.

Gender: too early.

Labor signs: ha! ask me again in 30 weeks...

Belly button in or out: In for now but I'm sure it'll go out soon (as it does with all my pregnancies)

What I miss: having energy to play with my kids.

What I'm not loving: nausea is still at a peak and the Diclectin isn't working.

What I’m looking forward to: hearing the heart beat in 3 weeks and finding out the gender in 3 months!

What I'm loving: Being pregnant. Even with all the yuck. I'm so thankful :)

Milestone(s):I'm definitely showing, if that counts?


  1. Anonymous8.2.13

    It's pretty hard to be showing with a kidney bean.. I mean this in the kindest way possible, but until your uterus is actually up and out of the pelvis, that 'bump' is just your intestines. Here's a little web page that is actually pretty neat, you can see the progression.
    - Paula, Toronto


    1. I assure you, I am showing. It's my third baby in three years, so whatever it is, it's a bump! Not my usual tummy, that's for sure :)

  2. Hey Em, I'm sure you're showing. I am very short so I started showing at 8 weeks with my FIRST, and it was very obvious. Obviously it's not your baby, but it's still a sign of pregnancy! :)

    I remember being so PROUD of my bump...until...I could not longer move. Then I was just wanting my baby! :)

  3. Anonymous13.2.13

    Anonymous: What a drip. Why would you bother to write such a negative and downer comment? Really! Em is showing! Even if the baby is only the size of a kidney bean.LOVE. THE. BUMP. Love, Mom

  4. Anonymous16.3.13

    I recently found out that you cannot take baths while pregnant. I've read that it's because the baby cannot sweat, so the internal temperature raises too high for too long. Do you take luke-warm baths? I'm just curious because I've never been pregnant, but I love taking baths to relax and would be sad if that was entirely out of the questions for 9 months.

    - Dana, Milton, Ontario