prego stats - week 7

How far along: 7 weeks

Total weight gain: 0lbs? Maybe loss at this point, since I've been so sick?

How big is baby: Blueberry.

Maternity Clothes: Just ordered some from Old Navy and The Gap (read here) and am soooo excited!

Sleep: Going to bed earlier but waking often to pee, and when I wake the nausea begins making 
falling asleep again hard. Napping daily when the kids do. Thankful for kiddies who nap together! 
Best moment this week: Tuesday! It was mild, Lily was at daycare, and I was feeling much better after being sick in the morning, so Oli and I went thrift shopping and had a lovely time.

Movement: too early

Food cravings: bland things, salty things, starchy things, and occasionally pad thai
Food aversions: yes! basically everything, especially meat.

Gender: too early. I thought I wanted a girl but today I cried at the thought of a 2nd boy (in a good way) so who the heck knows.
Labor signs: too early

Belly button in or out: In, but I'm sure not for long!

What I miss: food and not being nauseous.

What I'm not loving: nausea. duh.

What I’m looking forward to: hearing the heartbeat in 4 weeks!

What I'm loving: being pregnant!! It's been hard but I am so thankful and rejoicing in this third babe daily.

Milestone(s): nothing yet worth noting.

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