prego stats - week 9

How far along: 9 weeks

Total weight gain: 0 lbs? I finally started eating regularly this week again and haven't vomited in days (eureka!) so I'm probably still not over or under.

How big is baby: size of a grape

Maternity Clothes: yep. I haven't worn my regular jeans in a while, but am wearing my one pair of Old Navy Maternity skinny jegging jeans over and over again. And yoga pants, obvi.

Sleep: napping almost every day @ 9:30am for 2 hours (when my kiddies nap, bless their hearts) and sleeping at least 8 hours and sometimes 12. Never feels like enough though!

Best moment this week: Diclectin kicked in and started WORKING!! My nausea is at bay 90% of the time. Thank the good LORD. 

Movement: too early.

Food cravings: Now that I'm not nauseous 24/7, I can actually eat again which is a blessing. I've been cooking more usual dinners lately, but also am still slacking a ton and serving my dear husband cereal or pasta for dinner. It's just a season :)

Food aversions: Still averse to meats as a whole, but am eating bits more than I was before (when I was eating none). 

Labor signs: ask me in 30 weeks!

Belly button in or out: In still - I'm shocked. At this point with my pregnancy with Oli I was already poking out, but then again I had given birth only 6 months or so earlier! This time my body had more time to heal so maybe that's why I still have an "inny". I'm sure by 30+ weeks I'll have a huge "outie" like before though!

What I miss: Energy. It's been mild for February in Montreal and normally I'd take the chance to hit the park with my kids, but I'm just too zonked. I think we're all getting sick of the same toys and books and scenery so hopefully I am up to a trip out soon.

What I'm not loving: Lack of energy and the fact that to get outdoors I have to walk (with two toddlers) down a long, twisted, flight of stairs. Living on the 2nd level is tough in times like these (and not having an elevator).

What I’m looking forward to: Knowing the gender! We are SO stumped for a name and have two for each gender that we constantly flip flop between, so narrowing it down to 2 instead of 4 names will be a relief! Plus we just can't wait to know more about the little grape.

What I'm loving: not being nauseous is delightful, and recently I got over a terrible sinus cold that was very painful. Though I'm tired and unmotivated a bit these days, I'm doing SO much better than last week and am so thankful!

Milestone(s):Diclectin started to work? And definitely showing. For all you nay sayers, just trust me ok? Or look at my Instagram pics ;)

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  1. I was just reading through some of your journey towards the third pregnancy and it reminds me of my journey towards my (future) marriage. Guarding my heart, not reading into things, and being content with what God has given me now are not easy to do.
    So happy that you're expecting #3, and looking forward to visiting the plateau again soon!