prego stats - week 12 + 13

So for weeks 12 + 13 I was in Florida and/or gearing up/down for the trip, so the blogs took a bit of a hit. I definitely fell behind in my weekly posts but before I turn 15 weeks (this Friday!) I want to update how things have been. This will be to the best of my recollection, because I can't say I remember every day since it was a 2 week spread...

How far along: 12 and 13 weeks

Total weight gain: not sure, but not much. probably 5lbs max? If that? But don't worry. I get bonkers heavy towards the end, it's just how my body seems to process pregnancy. It's nothing for a long time and then very sudden weight gain. Just as my stretch marks.

How big is baby: lime + medium shrimp (random)

Maternity Clothes: yep! can't wear normal pants comfortably anymore, so it's maternity or lululemon. In Florida I picked up the maternity clothes I'd ordered from the US Gap only to find out that two of the pairs of pants were huge! The one pair that I was SO excited about (floral skimmer jeans) were impossibly large and I sent them back. The Gap's sizing is definitely not the same as Old Navy's, though they have the same ownership! Weird. Because the same size pants from Old Navy (some bright blue skimmers) fit perfectly. Another pair, also from the Gap, were somewhere in between. They fit like boyfriend jeans though they're supposed to be skinnys, but I can make them work, so I kept them. 

Sleep: sleep has been good, though I can never get enough. Every day I nap for 2-3 hours. I know. Luxury right?! I'm so blessed. Lily and Oli nap at the same time, for the same amount of time (9:30am or 10am- 12pm or 12:30pm), so I always join them. If I don't nap at that time with them, I have been known to go to bed as early as 8pm. I seriously can't keep my eyes open!

Best moment this week: Florida with Oli was a nice break, and I never had to cook a meal - my parents did everything in the kitchen!

Movement: too early.

Food cravings: Sea food! While I was in Florida I was wanting fish and shellfish every night!! We bought fresh shrimp one night from a shop beside the ocean where it was caught and my dad made shrimp cream linguine and it was TO DIE FOR. Also sour things. I am loving olives and blueberries together, pickles, sour candies, and non-alcoholic margaritas. All that sour kick!

Food aversions: Still slightly averse to meat. Not that I can't eat it, but I don't desire it at all.

Gender: too early! We find out April 30th!

Labor signs: ha! no.

Belly button in or out: OUT. I knew this day would come. my pregnancy belly button is ALWAYS an outie. And it happens earlier with each pregnancy.

What I miss: real margaritas :) 

What I'm not loving: fatigue.

What I’m looking forward to: April 30th! 

What I'm loving: Lily asks if she can "hold the baby" and I say yes, and then she takes her two hands and puts them on either side of my belly and stays there for a minute. She literally holds the baby in my womb! What a sweet little thing.

Milestone(s): out of the 1st trimester! We'll see how our baby's doing on Thursday when I have an appointment, but we have every reason to believe the pregnancy is going smoothly.

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