prego stats - week 15

How far along: 15 weeks

Total weight gain: I'll know today at my appointment! 

How big is baby: some websites say apple, others say avocado.

Maternity Clothes: constantly.

Sleep:3 hour naps daily plus at least 8 hours at night. NEED. This is why you have your kids close in age, people! All still young enough to needs naps themselves :)

Best moment this week: spending quality time with my baby daddy after a few really crazy weeks for us where we didn't get much.

Movement: Not 100% sure. Likely no, but maybe. Thought I felt a liiiiiiittle something...

Food cravings: Salty right now. I recently made whole wheat tortillas from scratch and could have eaten the whole batch. As it were I ate 1.5 AFTER EATING DINNER.

Food aversions: Some meats still, but basically depends on the day. B bought a whole chicken at groceries this week and I was not impressed...

Gender: We find out in 28 DAYS!! Vote on the sidebar for the gender you think it'll be!

Labor signs: n/a

Belly button in or out: OUT. Like always.
What I miss: Energy is the main thing, but I'm feeling well so I can't complain. 

What I'm not loving: Having to wait. The wait is so hard! even waiting to find out the gender is killing me! What? I'm easily excited :)

What I’m looking forward to: April 30th. 

What I'm loving: feeling well, eating well, not puking!

Milestone(s): I'm in my 2nd trimester - growing and showing.

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