prego stats - week 18

otherwise known as the Pregnancy Sweet Spot (more on that coming).

How far along: 18 weeks

Total weight gain: 7lbs

How big is baby: size of a sweet potato

Maternity Clothes: yes, and I'm gradually gaining more thanks to friend's hand-me-downs! Not to mention a huge collection of nursing tanks and bras, so I'll be prepared :)

Sleep: sleep is good, I'm needing it a bit less and don't nap every day now. I wake almost every morning with leg or foot cramps though. Oh I forgot about that annoying symptom. I used to just get it at the tail end of my third trimester, but I guess the third time around it'll be for 20 weeks. sweet.

Best moment this week: hearing baby3's heartbeat on Thursday at an appointment and being reassured by my OBGYN that though the epidural didn't work last time, that's no indication that it won't work this coming time. It still may not, but it's just bad luck and fast labour when it doesn't - so she suggested I get it sooner this time instead of waiting out the pain for fear of getting it TOO SOON like last time. That was ironic! Oli was born minutes after getting the failed epidural, so it certainly wasn't too soon! This time around, I'm getting it ASAP.
Movement: YES! definitely, and it's noticeable by more than just me! I especially feel baby3 when I'm laying on my back or trying to rest (go figure), and he/she feels decidedly low for 18 weeks, but again, third baby... different ballgame. I love the gentle movements - they're not painful or annoying yet so I'm enjoying every minute!

Food cravings: It hadn't occurred to me that it was a "craving" but I have eaten a truck load of beets lately... wonder if that's pregnancy related?

Food aversions: Some meats still. I'm always more vegetarian when I'm pregnant.

Gender:we find out ON TUESDAY. I'm dying. And hoping for a girl, but just eager to KNOW.

Labor signs: n/a

Belly button in or out: out.

What I miss: energy for sure, but not much else right now :)

What I'm not loving: The foot and leg cramps. They hurt so badly and are a terrible way to wake for the day! But thankfully the constipation is almost gone and the heart burn isn't as bad anymore either... Wonder of they were a 1st trimester thing?

What I’m looking forward to: TUESDAY.

What I'm loving: everything. I'm in a great place. Not sick or huge or in pain. No real back pain yet (that left me almost bed ridden in my third trimester last time), and no symptoms I can't get through. It's starting to hit me for real: our THIRD baby is coming. We are so blessed. Thank you father.

Milestone(s): nothing I can think of this week, but next week I'll definitely have something to write home about!

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