The Drop Box

Here's a trailer for a documentary I'd just love to see. A pastor in South Korea started a ministry/orphanage based on babies dropped in a box by unwilling/unable mothers. In South Korea, like many places in the world, thousands of babies die from abandonment (often in the streets, hours after birth). This pastor wanted to provide another option. To be the salt and light and love of Jesus to these mothers and to their babies. What a man and what a legacy! I cried so much in the trailer, I think I need to re-watch it because I'm sure I missed parts.

"The Drop Box" - Documentary PROMO from Brian Ivie on Vimeo.

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  1. The young man who made this film became a Christian during the process. What a wonderful story on top of an already amazing one!

    This film won "Best of Festival" at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.