home is.

This weekend I traveled back to Oakville to surprise Missy for the weekend of her post-degree program graduation and to celebrate her new job. It was planned for weeks and the bonus would be that I'd also get to spend some quality time with Cath, who also stood up for me on my wedding day as a bridesmaid and is a dear dear friend. What a weekend. Filled with reunion bliss, hugs and kisses, story swapping, laughing like it was 2nd year again, sleepover after sleepover, husband-free girl time, and mutual encouragement. I can't express in better words how much I love my friends and loved being with them.

On Sunday after church, oh and how sweet it was to be at Harvest again (the church that I was "spiritually brought up" in over the last 5 years), Gill Symons said something important. "Isn't is great to be home again!?" I paused. Thought about it. After all the tears and turmoil of leaving Oakville, the home of my friends, my church, my whole network for the last 5 years, I never thought it would be so easy to say...

"This isn't my home anymore"

She understood immediately. Probably something a lot of women can relate to who leave their parents home and proverbial nest when they get married and start a new life and create a new home with the man they love. Even if you move down the street from them you still start something new. You still get it. She did.

As much as I miss Ontario, Harvest, Oakville, my parents, my girlfriends, the predominance of English, and all things familiar, Montreal is my home now. It feels so good to be here, in my apartment that is so distinctly Montreal. Old 1800's house renovated into flats, exposed brick walls, candles burning (which is an obsession I've picked up from Jamie since getting to know her living down the road from her and James), my office chair slightly rolling to the left because that's the way the floor tilts, and Chamomile tea (a gift from a McGill student) in my cup. Home.

The reunion was sweet but the future is here and my heart is in it. 100%.

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