mm @ 15 weeks!

Into the 2nd trimester and loving it!
this week, MM is the size of an apple! Look how big MM looks compared to a 25 cent coin:

I'm feeling GREAT this past week!
Haven't been nauseous in a long time and my energy is really climbing. Things I've done in the past 2 weeks that were impossible the last 3 months are:
  1. Walking to the grocery story at the end of the day (UP HILL) and doing groceries for about an hour
  2. Sleeping between 7-9 hours a night (just a reminder, I was up to 13 some nights a month ago!)
  3. Staying up to midnight some nights (REBEL!!!)
  4. Eating meat again (though still nothing like a huge pot roast... that still seems disgusting to me, but other red meat is fine now)
  5. Working longer hours without being as exhausted (though I still am after a full work day or sometimes after 6 hours)
As I read this list I see how LAME my existence has become... that these five things are milestones I've been able to regularly accomplish in the last 14 days that I haven't done or even thought about since 2009. What has my life come to?! It's funny and somewhat pathetic but I'm still celebrating :)

I feel like ME again.

Minus the crazy hormones that have me crying or really angry at the drop of a hat... yeah those can peace out anytime.

And a little update on MM: s/he is 4 inches long this week! Which I think, after looking in my fruit bowl, is actually larger than most apples, but whatever. S/he is also sensitive to light now which means if I were to shine a flashlight up to my bump, MM would squirm away from it (who wouldn't?) even tough his/her eyelids are still fused shut. WILD.
MM is also evening out, with the legs growing longer than the arms now (with a LONG way to go since MM's MY child!) and has taste buds. I hope MM likes regurgitated King Crab, since that's what Brad brought home last night for us to have tonight... It was 50% off and is one of our most favourite meals (though usually too expensive to have often).

Other great news for ME: I got some more maternity clothes this week! Old Navy had a $6 sale on all their basic T's and tanks and I'm lucky enough to live 10 minutes away from one of only TWO Old Navy's in Canada that carried their maternity line. Normal prices were $9.50 and $14.50. GLORIOUS.


  1. Hey Em..I think maybe you meant Quebec..there are several Old Navy stores in Toronto that carry the Maternity lines..I can name 2 off the top of my head..though I'm not sure about the rest of Ontario :)

  2. O really? thats great news for pregnant women in Toronto! I asked once and they said only Eaton's Center in Montreal and in Toronto, but that was a while ago. So glad they're expanding, it;s the greatest and cheapest to buy fun maternity clothes!!

  3. yea..I by mistake tried on the maternity clothes in Old Navy at the Eaton Centre when I moved to Canada...clueless

    and I just checked; our dear Limeridge has a maternity section at Old Navy

    Do you guys have H&M?..they have a maternity section too!