I woke up this morning with indescribable lower back pain, in one particular spot - left of my spine.
After some trolling on Mayo Clinic and other sites I learned this is probably a pinches nerve caused by the uterus taking over my insides (I am growing, people!!) or just a common thing since I'm getting bigger, walking differently, and have hormones that cause muscles and joints to relax at weird times.

Well, glad it's normal. Not glad it's HAPPENING. I was trying to blow dry my hair for church this morning and gave up. Hence, it's 10:43am on a Sunday and I'm sitting in the most back-supportive chair I could find - our office chair. Church didn't happen.

I was especially crushed because yesterday we had an amazing day with many of our church friends at a ministry training conference, then out for dinner, then a movie, and I couldn't wait to see them again :) Plus today we're doing Communion which means so much to me. The symbolism of taking/eating (read: accepting) the wine and the bread (read: Jesus body/life and blood/death) is a practice I find great joy in doing - especially since our church only does it all together once a month.

Oh well. Maybe I'll go eat a pita and some grape juice and have my own :)

In the meantime, anyone have any tips for me? I have a prenatal massage booked for tomorrow, but for pain relief NOW? Karen? Nurses? help!

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  1. I had a back injury thanks to my lovely job last year; while for the initial week I was lying on an ice pack, and then I was lying on my thermal bean bag and/or hot water bottle. The pain comes back especially if I have had a physically hard shift, and I always do the thermal bag/hot water bottle...so relaxing for the muscles!