all I wanna do...

moms of babies don't get sick days. 
moms of babies don't get snooze buttons.
moms of babies don't sleep in.
moms of babies that are having other babies are very sleepy.

I'm going through a season. A season has an end (it's not a lifetime), but it is usually a good chunk of time. My season is having babies. Babies are work and definitely make their mamas tired. But pregnancy... that's a whole other thing. When I was pregnant with Lily I slept a LOT. I would race home from work and be in bed by 8pm. Sleep 12 hours. Then on weekends it was more like 14. That was beautiful. I didn't see it at the time, but it was a luxury that will get less and less likely with every passing baby. But you know, I'm doing better on this amount of sleep than I would have been last time I was pregnant. Guess my body is learning how to do with less when it needs it the most. 

Ladies in your first pregnancy.... SLEEP to your heart's content!
Moms of more than 1 baby and 1 in the womb... you probably never sleep and think I'm getting tons. 
You're my heroes.

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