having some, adopting some

Our plan was always to have all of our kids biologically. I've talked about that a bit. 
But then when I became a mom, my heart for orphans grew - how could it not? My heart for all babies and children and mothers did, and that has to include orphaned children and their birth mothers. 

But after Lily, we knew we weren't ready to throw in the towel with biological reproduction either. Even though being pregnant was not my cup of tea! After this baby though, we're 99% sure we're done having kids biologically. But not done having kids. Not done growing our family. 

Though the blogosphere has introduced me to many families who "have some and adopt some", most people I know who have adopted, have only adopted. They don't also have biological children (they may plan to in the future but they don't yet).  The other night though, we met a guy who was in town for a conference and staying with our friends. He has SIX children (yelp!) and two are adopted. I loved hearing him talk about his kids - how his "bio kids" responded to all the sudden having a twin (they twinned their oldest and second oldest kids and the kids loved it). 
At this point I have no idea what the future for our family holds.
We're open to age and race (we're not going on the longest known list in local adoption for a white newborn, in fact we're partial to neither!) and even number (sibling sets have a harder time being adopted, and oddly enough that's also the most appealing to us).

But timing is completely not known or decided right now. LG is the imminent priority, and he'll be making us a family of 4 any day now, but it's also something impossible to take off the table and our hearts entirely.  

God's put it there and he's not taking it off.

As we wait to see what He has for our family, and we take our time adjusting to being a family of 4, we'll be praying about the future. Enjoy these amazing videos of families who have had some and adopted some with me.


  1. Oh Em, thank you for those videos. It has been awhile since I've let myself watch one because they are just so emotional it's hard to go back to anything I was doing and forget what I've seen. I am so struck by the beauty of the act and the sacrificial love of these families. I never make it 10 seconds in without the tears starting to flow and tonight was no exception. We'll be praying for you guys and the burden you have for adoption.

  2. Wow, those were AMAZING!
    Watching those sure get the tears-a-flowing...
    So cool.
    I can't wait to hopefully adopt some of our own one day :)