prego stats - week 25

Total weight gain: 11-12lbs (not 100% sure)

How big is baby: a rutabaga whatever that is :)

Maternity Clothes: yes, sir.

Sleep: Most days now I go without a nap and am OK with 8 hours at night. But probably every third or forth day I absolutely need to sleep when the kids are taking their naps. It catches up with me, it seems.

Best moment this week: coming home from holidays, adjusting back to being with our kids (it took a few days, for sure!), seeing our church family again, eating great food from my new cook book, etc (it's been a good week!)

Movement: SO much movement. The baby is hardly ever sleeping/still! She does somersaults instead of kicking now, and it's exhausting but fun.

Food cravings: just food, period. I'm eating a LOT.

Food aversions: none.

Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL. still so excited.
Labor signs: n/a

Belly button in or out: out

What I miss: energy, ability to do more physically with my kids (parks, walks, carrying them whenever)

What I'm not loving: nearly-debilitating back pain has begun, similar to during my final month with Oli, except I still have 3 months of pregnancy. NOT COOL. I am wearing a maternity support belt all day, taking Tylenol regularly, and neither seems to be helping much at all. Hopefully it's not 15 more weeks of this nonstop!

What I’m looking forward to: my baby shower that my girl Morgan is throwing for me! I didn't get one with Oli (understandably), but was so touched when my friend offered to throw me one for baby3!

What I'm loving: being reunited with the kids again, being home, knowing babygirl is doing well (I had two appointments in the last few days - glucose test + check up and both were great!)

Milestone(s): have a name, are researching cars and new carseats to fit three kids in a non-van :)

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