prego stats - weeks 22-24

For weeks 22-24 I was on holidays with my hubster WITHOUT our kids! It was incredible. It was our first vacation without them and we loved it SO much. Some days I felt like I needed to do more since I was on holidays, but then I remembered that it was perfectly OK to let Brad go off exploring and to stay in our rental and sleep for huge portions of the day - what else does a prego with 2 toddlers need while on vacation, really??

Here's my stats for those weeks, I know I'm behind!

Total weight gain: 10lbs

How big is baby: spaghetti squash, large mango, ear of corn

Maternity Clothes: pretty much all the time - especially shirts since my bump is really large out front. some low rise pants still fit but I'm most comfortable in maternity.

Sleep: i did a LOT of this...

Best moment this week: all of it! having time away from our other saplings was so helpful to my soul. I returned refreshed to be an intentional parent, and physically rested to do the task.

Movement: loads and loads. girlfriend knows how to bust a move.

Food cravings: we ate some really amazing food on holidays, so ALL OF THAT, plus anything sweet and filling (carbs are my friend!)

Food aversions: zero!

Gender: petit fille

Labor signs: n/a

Belly button in or out: out

What I miss: I missed the kids slightly, in the 2nd week, but really nothing. I was in a pregnancy sweet spot. Maybe energy, as I could have used some more :)
What I'm not loving: lower back pain began at about 24 weeks. not a good sign!
What I’m looking forward to:  le bebe!

What I'm loving: WE CHOSE A NAME! We had it narrowed down to two for a long time and I was strongly adamant about one and Brad was open to both and not sure of either. We ended up going with the name I didn't prefer as strongly after seeing it everywhere on holidays :)

Milestone(s): see above :)

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